WordPress Photo Challenge: Texture

Texture would seem to be such a simple thing. Wandered around among the trees and weeds looking for anything new that would really fit the challenge. (Our previous post, “Coral Fungus,” would’ve been perfect). So here’s what we found today:

8-9 AlumMountain
Crumpled aluminum foil in the kitchen.
Intertwined white stone and black algae.
Black algae meets flowstone in front of the house.
Soft white feather in grass.
A shed feather stands upright, caught in blades of grass.


Extra textures we loved:

Travel Theme: Liquid

Alisa’s challenge this week is liquid. Below are two shots of soda straw stalactites being formed. Water from last night’s half-inch rain slowly worked its way through the concrete in the deck, leaching calcium carbonate  and adding tiny amounts to these hollow stalactites before the water droplets fall to the ground. Although they can grow very long when left undisturbed in caves, the longest of these dissolving deck formations reached 2 inches before falling to the ground.

DYI Stalactites

Snow melt dripping  off  the deck and through the cement under the tiles is creating soda straw stalactites. Past stalactites have reached up to 3-4 inches before breaking off and shattering on the sidewalk. Below, flowstone builds up on the sidewalk. The question is how many years of rain and snow can the deck withstand?

Do it yourself stalactites
Soda straws form as snow melt percolates through the deck.
How flow stone starts
How flowstone starts -- on the sidewalk.
snow melt drops
Snow melt drops fall from the deck.