Some days, you just need a butterfly

Was out washing the car this afternoon and saw this common buckeye making the rounds in this sweet-scented wildflower growing next to the driveway. They were a welcome distraction — especially when, during the weekends, we become obsessed with getting done those things left undone during the work week. The hose and rags got put aside for a few glorious standing-still-moments in the sunshine.  Some days, you just need a butterfly.

In a few weeks, we should be seeing the monarch butterflies sweeping through on their southward migration.  We keep a couple of patches of goldenrods for these beautiful insects to light upon as they head south. The Blonde Gardener has a nice post about being a Monarch Watch Station and a couple of posts about the monarchs’ life cycle.  Maybe next year, we’ll try the watch station idea.

Buckeye butterfly on flowers.
Common Buckeye butterfly collecting nectar.
Buckeye butterfly on tiny white flowers.
Buckeye making the rounds. The tiny white flowers are dotted with other insects seeking nectar.

Weekly photo challenge: Fresh

This week’s challenge is all about fresh. The top photo was taken almost fresh out of bed as this butterfly flitted from bloom to bloom. The photo below it represents fresh too, but in a rather dark, macabre and downright “ewwww” kind of way, as nature can be at times. (You may not want to scroll down.)

Yellow and black butterfly.
Yellow swallowtail makes an early morning visit to the hydrangea.
Spider and grasshopper.
This spider somehow wound up impaled on a thorn on one of the citrus plants. The green grasshopper spent a good deal of time on the carcass this morning. By late afternoon, the spider’s body had disappeared.

And other sources of fresh:



Winged visitors

A honeybee visits the flowers on a French mulberry. Honeybees and other pollinators are having a hard time this summer with temperatures consistently near or exceeding the 100-degree mark.

SAC O' POLLEN -- A honey bee carries a cargo of pollen as he makes his rounds on one of the few summer days when the temperatures were not near 100.
Firewheel gets a visit
VISITOR -- A firewheel gets a visit from a long-nosed butterfly.

Fall colors.

Not your typical fall colors light up the afternoon on the mountain.

Gray butterfly
Gray butterfly basks in the autumn sun.
Green beetle on orange flower.
This green beetle with black polka dots contrasts with the bright orange petals of this cosmos.
Sunchoke flower
The bright yellow of this sunchoke flower contrast with the bright blue, cloudless fall sky in a shot composed by the wind.
Blue aster
Blue wildflower brightens the September garden.

Post No. 100

It’s a good day for post No. 100. A quick 15-minute amble around the house and yard produced a pint of sweat and a bushel of frames. A sampling from this morning’s walk n’ shoot.

Ready to Fly

Seed head parachutes await the wind
Colt's foot seedhead parachutes await the wind. (photo illustration)


Yellow butterfly on  leaf
It's hard not to be captivated by colors in the Ouachita Mountains. You just have to look closely.


Gray butterfly on yellow dill blossoms.
This gray butterfly, and another insect pollinator below, make a stop at the volunteer dill. This is the second straight year for volunteer dill, right next to the 6-foot volunteer sunflowers.


Skipper resting on leaves
This butterfly rests in the shade among wild blackberries.

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Orange bug with zebra striped legs
His mother dresses him funny.