Memphis curves

This week’s photo challenge is all about curves.  There’s rarely a bad angle when trying to grab a picture of the “M” bridge that carries Interstate 40 over the Mississippi to connect Arkansas and Tennessee. The image below is in downtown Memphis looking west.

6-6-16 M Bridge Downtown.jpg

WordPress Photo Challenge: Endurance

The bridge over War Eagle Creek opened to the hoof-clatter of horse-drawn vehicles. More than a century later, the wood and steel bones of this one-lane bridge shoulder the foot- and tire-treads of tourists and neighbors alike. It’s a performance that speaks to this week’s theme: “Endurance.”

Steel span bridge over a creek.
WAR EAGLE BRIDGE — Has been standing for more than a century in Northwest Arkansas. It spans War Eagle Creek, which still drives a paddle-wheel grain mill. (Taken July 27, 2014)
War Eagle Mill by the creek.
THE MILL — The mill at War Eagle as seen from the bridge. The mill wheel is obscured by a plywood wall. The old ways endure at the mill, which still uses stone disks to grind grain.

Still, Benton County, Arkansas, officials are scrounging around for the $300,000 it will need to strengthen the bridge. Last spring, inspectors found rusting pins in need of replacement.

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Weekly photo challenge: Split-second story

Split-second love story.

Shadow of a bridge
Bridging land and people.

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U.S. 70

With the coming of Interstate 40, U.S. 70 takes a back seat to its now busier younger brother.  Though it dates back to 1926, U.S. 70 is far from abandoned, cradling main streets through many cities as it winds its way from Arizona to North Carolina. An interesting look at the bridges of U.S. 70 can be found at

Abandoned building on U.S. 70 near Forrest City, Ark., offers its walls to trees, vines and other wild things.
The lift-span trestle bridge at DeValls Bluff is silhouetted in the setting sun. Built in 1924, it was retired in 2004. Traffic now moves over the White River on a sturdy, but plain Jane, concrete span to the south.