Things you didn’t know you had

The downtime between Christmas and New Year provides temporal space to start cleaning those things that may not merit daily attention, but languish in that to-do list priority category just above “limbo” or “someday.” Today it was a handful of glassware reserved for celebratory use and a compact flash card that somehow found a hiding place in the LowePro backpack.  Among the findings from the latter:

July 12, 2014, supermoon
Supermoon framed by pine trees. Taken July 12, 2014.
Indigo bunting in tree.
Indigo bunting preening. Taken July 13, 2014.
Upside down butterfly.
Butterfly hanging on the underside of an azalea branch outside the office window.



Weekly photo challenge: Hue

This week’s photo challenge is about color — capturing a color or colors that captures you — at the moment.  Blue has always been a favorite color and this morning’s cloudless sky was made more intense by a  polarizer. These berries were among many in the rows of vines at the University of Arkansas’ Fruit Research Station in Clarksville.

Green muscadines
BLUE & GREEN — Intense blue is the background for these green muscadine vines and fruit.

A rainbow of  hues:


The sweet light

A struggling oak tree whose top branches are devoid of lush summer leaves, often finds itself bedecked in plumage instead.  In the evenings, it’s a treat  look out the kitchen window and see the sweet light given by the setting sun casting a warm glow to our avian friends.

Scarlet tanager against blue sky.
Scarlet tanager.
Mourning dove against mostly blue sky.
Mourning dove.

The Ouachita Mountain blues

It’s hard not to get the blues sometimes in the Ouachitas. The pines are peppered with indigo buntings, the flawless blue sky invites all sorts of avian and insect traffic and even the fence lizards get into the act. They show turquoise coloring under their throats and on their bellies during breeding season.

Three photos showing an indigo bunting, blue sky, lizard with blue scales
An indigo bunting tops a pine, a hummingbird heads into the blue and a fence lizard showing his turquoise scales during breeding season.