Air surfing

From their hangout atop the local cell tower, both black and turkey vultures cruised the updrafts that lift from the Ouachita woodlands below. This morning, they were air surfing right outside the deck, swooping so close you could almost grab a feather.

Black vulture cruising.
LOOKING DOWN — Black vulture scouts for lunch.
9-28 Vulture1
SEARCHING — Something must have smelled inviting, since a troupe of vultures was circling and swooping over the south valley around noon today.  The group was infiltrated briefly by a kestrel flying east. 
A trio of vultures silhouetted against the sky.
THREE — A trio of vultures silhouetted against the sky.

For the birds

Spring is just a week away and the local bird populations are becoming more active. Red-tailed hawks, robins, cedar waxwings make the trees and shrubs come alive in central Arkansas.


Red tailed hawk
Three red-tailed hawks and a black vulture spent a good five minutes surfing the updrafts from the south valley. At times, they remained perfectly still, balancing atop the columns of warm air.
cardinal in tree
Lone cardinal welcomes the morning sun one March morning.
Robin in the bush
Curious robin peers into the office windows.
Robin and waxwing
This robin and cedar waxwing were part of a group of both birds that swarmed the bushes just outside my office window.
Robin and waxwing prepare for departure as the swarm moves on.