Things you didn’t know you had

The downtime between Christmas and New Year provides temporal space to start cleaning those things that may not merit daily attention, but languish in that to-do list priority category just above “limbo” or “someday.” Today it was a handful of glassware reserved for celebratory use and a compact flash card that somehow found a hiding place in the LowePro backpack. ¬†Among the findings from the latter:

July 12, 2014, supermoon
Supermoon framed by pine trees. Taken July 12, 2014.
Indigo bunting in tree.
Indigo bunting preening. Taken July 13, 2014.
Upside down butterfly.
Butterfly hanging on the underside of an azalea branch outside the office window.




Our patio heater has become the primary home for this wren, who goes about her business chatting away and conducting high performance climbs and dives in and around the deck.


Little wren on the deck rail
A wren peers out from a perch on the deck railing.



Seeing Red

The blues aren’t the only colors in the urban-wildlife interface. Plenty of ways to see red (and reddish).

This chrysanthemum surprises every year with both spring and fall blooms. A bumble bee stays busy working the thousands of blossoms on the mountain, including this wild blackberry flower. This year we seem to be seeing more honeybees and bumble bees. ¬†This Carolina wren takes a break from parenting. It has built a nest in the deck’s propane heater.

Mum, blackberry flower with bumble bee, Carolina wren
A burgundy mum sprinkled with sand or pollen, a bumble bee working a wild blackberry flower and a Carolina wren basks in the sunshine.