One of our favorite pizza joints is undergoing a renovation. We love this place. We could walk in, sit down and not even have to say anything. Rose, Ali and everyone else would just know.

It’s one of at least two stores in this local chain built in an old gas station. Part of the charm of these two restaurants was the quirkiness that came from stuffing a pizza n’ beer eatery into a service station: tables in the service bay with a thin veneer of decor (adeptly seasoned by everything ever cooked there), the funky traffic flow inside and the bathrooms outside.

The other ex-gas station restaurant we frequented was abandoned and a shiny new one built in a somewhat post-modern Italianate concrete box with elaborate landscaping. Inside  is the  most sound wave-richocheting interior that could be conceived. The food has never been the same.

We’re hoping for a better outcome for this restaurant, but have already learned that at least one of the well-seasoned ovens won’t be making the change over. It was so old, repair parts can’t be found.


6-27 US Pizza inside
One last look. The view from our favorite table.