Weekly photo challenge: Depth (of time, past and future)

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on depth. We thought we’d explore some temporal, rather than spatial depths. The top photo is a fragment of a worked stone — its age and purpose unknown.  Its once sharp fracture creases have been eroded by both depth in time and water. Novaculite, an excellent material for flintknapping, is found in the Arkansas and Oklahoma Ouachitas.

The bottom photo was taken leaving work last Friday afternoon. The swelling buds on this tulip tree speak of the depth of time until spring.

Napped flint in palm.
Gift from the past.


Backlit buds
Looking to the future and spring.

Other depths explored this week:


Weekly photo challenge: Good morning!

From my office window some 200 yards away, my eye was caught — again — by the startling salmon color of these surprise lilies. This group was backlit by the morning sun filtering through the canopy around it.  Especially beautiful was how the sun lit up the bases with a glorious chartreuse glow.  These lilies have been popping up all over town, random beauty in the Arkansas autumn.

Surprise lilies in the woods.
Surprise lilies backlit by the morning sun.


And say good day to these good mornings:

A bloomin’ good time