Bald eagle

May is usually a little late for “snow birding” bald eagles, but this late-stayer was a welcome sight nonetheless. He sat atop a tall cypress in the middle of an old Arkansas River oxbow within sight of Little Rock’s skyline. Such a treat!

Bald eagle in cypress.
On the lookout for his next meal. 

White pelicans

Pelicans are birds we usually associate with points south, such as Florida or Louisiana. Even though Arkansas is in the birds’ wintering area, it’s still exciting to see them. Here, white pelicans dot the Arkansas River between Ozark and Altus, the epicenter of the state’s wine country. (Drive-by iPhone photo taken Feb. 17.)

White pelicans on the Arkansas River near Altus.
PELICANS — White pelicans on the Arkansas River near Altus.

Arkansas melange

“Orphan” photos without a theme, except they were all taken in Arkansas.


A day off. ¬†Beautiful weather. A great day to be a tourist in our own town. Today’s trip was to Heifer Project’s headquarters, followed by a walk around the Bill Clark wetlands and a stroll across the old Rock Island Railroad bridge.

NAMES -- Names of donors to the rehabilitation of the Rock Island Railroad bridge are stamped into the bridge's concrete deck.
HEAVY METAL -- The fabric that holds the Rock Island together.
FRAMEWORK -- Girders silhouetted against the sky.
WIDE VIEW -- Panoramic view of downtown Little Rock.