Balancing act

Foraging carpenter bee draws pollen from our lavender patch.

Carpenter bee hangs on when lavender plant bends under he weight.
BALANCING ACT – Pollen-laden carpenter bee hangs on as the lavender plant bends under her weight. She almost looks like she’s in yoga’s plow pose, with her legs sticking up over her thorax. Carpenter bees are very curious. When out photographing, often these bees (which are generally solitary, unlike honey bees) will hover in front of you, rising and dropping, as if sizing you up.

Weekly photo challenge: (Agri) Culture

Whether driving a combine, raising catfish and show horses, or selling honey at the farmers market, in Arkansas, about one in six folks is employed in some facet of agriculture.

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Blossom world

Springtime in the Ouachitas engages every sense. Feel of the warm sun, see the vibrance of its animal and plant life, taste the honeysuckle, breathe in the fragrance of its blooms and listen to the work songs of its pollinators. Carpenter bees, bumblebees, honeybees, wasps, flies and butterflies — they were everywhere on Saturday as the mountains’ wild fruit trees’ blooms soaked in the sunshine.

ON THE EDGE - Who wouldn't want to be hanging around on fruit tree blooms on such a spring day.
IN FOR A LANDING -- Honeybee ready to land.
BUSY -- The blooms were full of flying friends.
ON THE WING -- After a week of stalking, finally captured this yellow swallowtail contrasted against the brilliant blue sky.