Travel Theme: Liquid

Alisa’s challenge this week is liquid. Below are two shots of soda straw stalactites being formed. Water from last night’s half-inch rain slowly worked its way through the concrete in the deck, leaching calcium carbonate ¬†and adding tiny amounts to these hollow stalactites before the water droplets fall to the ground. Although they can grow very long when left undisturbed in caves, the longest of these dissolving deck formations reached 2 inches before falling to the ground.

Weekly Travel Theme: Foliage

Thanks to Alisa for inviting us to join her weekly Travel Theme challenge! This week’s theme is foliage.

LONE COLOR — Autumn’s colored leaf spectacular has been thrown a giant loop by the summer’s drought, followed by late summer rain and bouncing temperatures. The beautiful changes that normally begin in August were just beginning to manifest in the last week of September and in odd ways. Most trees are still wearing their full green canopy, yet this small sassafras was down to just two leaves.
FRIZZ AND CUPS — OK, this is a bit of a cheat, since technically, lichens have no foliage, but thought the texture on this was too good to pass up.