I finally logged back in to this blog and was somewhat saddened to say that the most recent post was 2018. Sometimes life gets in the way. While everyone talks about how 2020 is so, well, 2020. Our 2020 seems to have begun in 2019. In October, we lost our dad on the same day we’d lost our mom a decade earlier. No death is easy and its effects hover around us to this day. A series of other events followed whose details would be a bore. Work was busy, then of course, the pandemic.

It just seems that only time time in the last two months of the year, has there been time to write.

On this day before Thanksgiving, we take stock of our blessings. Thank God we have survived this long and look for that light at the end of this long darkness.

One thought on “When life gets in the way

  1. Sorry to read of your troubles, loss is always tough to overcome. Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one… hope to see more of you in the days ahead, your post was a pleasant surprise.

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