Each year, we look forward to the fall migration of Monarch butterflies. In central Arkansas, they generally appear the first week or two of October. This year, we also had a chance to see them on the Floribama gulf coast, those butterflies following a route from the northeastern U.S. Compared to what we saw in Arkansas this year, the ones in Florida were so numerous, you could not go a few minutes without seeing another one southwest bound.

10-30-2017 Monarch-Beach Dune.jpg
Migrating Monarch butterfly lapping up nectar in Florida panhandle beach dune blossoms en route to its overwintering site in Mexico.
10-31-2017 Deer Lake Park-Monarch.jpg
Flying over Deer Lake State Park in Florida. 
10-30-2017 Monarch Gulf.jpg
This photo, for me, somewhat captures the vastness of a Monarch’s migration from the Midlantic states, along the northern gulf coast and on to Mexico. 

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