Late spring and it’s nesting time for the long-eared sunfish. While the water in this urban creek is not strictly pure, it is incredibly clear. From one of the bridges over Coleman Creek, the circular outlines of their nests (last photo below) are visible.

6-7 Three Sunfish-crop

6-7 Nesting Sunrish
These nesting fish take any intruders very seriously, darting aggressively to chase them away.
At the center of each stone circle is a fish ready to defend its territory.

9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Pure

    1. Thanks! It’s hard to believe this creek runs straight through the middle of the city. There is trash in the creekbed (plastic sheeting, wine bottles even spotted a hair drier there), but the water quality seems pretty good and there are an abundance of fish, turtles, all sorts of critters.

  1. Such a clear stream of water running through the city? Remarkable!

    Makes me want to see more of your work!

    I’ll be following you form now on; have an amazing day! πŸ™‚

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