This week’s photo challenge asks,”How do you fuel the fires of optimism?” Few things are as chock full of optimism as a child at play. So today, a snow day (#Snowmageddon2016 #South), was a perfect day to be that child. After checking the property for damage after freezing rain, sleet and 6 inches of snow, the inner 8-year-old forgot — for a few minutes — about the 50-something in which she lives.


18 thoughts on “Act like a child

    1. We have family on the coast — I’m hoping they will ride out the winter storm warm and safely. Our mid-South winter storm caused a lot of excitement, but paled in comparison to that hitting the east. Thanks for once again stopping by our snowy little corner of the world! πŸ™‚

      1. Your snow amount was listed in the BBC news article about the storms across the US!! It’s a lot more snow than most of the UK has seen in years. We just get rained on in winter now 😦 Hopefully your family will be safe and sensible but able to have a bit of fun with it too!

      2. The UK has certainly seen its share of water this fall and winter. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had the makings for an Ark, or at least a life raft, in the closet!

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