There’s no doubting the power of eyes — you know, windows to the soul and all that. This week’s photo challenge, Eye Spy, asks us to give the eye a second look.

In the photo below, two very well-camouflaged creatures eye each other warily.

5-10 Eyeball to Eyeball.jpg

Eyes were a topic of an earlier post as well, as in this pensive primate at the Little Rock Zoo.



11 thoughts on “Eye to Eye

      1. Ah incredible I really want to see them in the wilds of Rwanda but it’s just a dream at the moment. Our entry this week was from a month in Africa…check it out when your able

    1. The two eyeing one another are a hummingbird near the center of the picture, facing right. A green anole is perched on a branch slightly up and to his right, facing left. It was a dark, rainy day and I was shooting from about 30 yards away, so not the clearest image.

  1. Nice! I saw the hummingbird right away because I look for the all the time! I needed your help to see the little lizard. Interesting!

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