Little by little, autumn creeps into the viewfinder.

Ash leaves
SCARLET – Blackgum leaves turn a brilliant red at the cusp of autumn. Thanks to Dr. Twig 50 for the fix!

2 thoughts on “Autumn incursion

  1. Nice! But that’s a blackgum not an ash[😊]. Remember M.A.D. These are the species with opposite leaf arrangement: Maples; Ashes; and Dogwoods. If it ain’t opposite, it ain’t an ash.

    Love the hummingbird pic! Our bees were feisty this weekend so we stayed away from them. Jack was stung again last week on his nose and his eyes almost swelled shut.

    Anyway, I do believe that summer is over……


    Tamara Walkingstick, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor-Extension Forestry

    Associate Director-Arkansas Forest Resources Center

    2301 So. University Avenue

    Little Rock, AR 74401

    phone: 501-671-2346



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