We know living where we do that venomous snakes are just part of the package. We’ve seen or heard copperheads and diamondbacks on occasion, but not in our yard. Not ’til a couple of weeks ago that is. We know we have snake burrows under the front porch which house nonvenomous long Eastern coachwhips and hognose snakes. So looking down off the deck, there was a new snakeskin pattern coiled in the grass. “Hey!” I yelled to my husband. “We’ve got a new snake and I think he’s venomous!” He spotted the rattle — and right then we had our first timber rattler — or at least the first one we know of.

Timber rattler
Timber rattler curled up in a warm spot on the south side of the house.

8 thoughts on “Rattled

  1. Scary!!  We’ve never seen one either although Rattlesnake Ridge runs through our property.  Did you kill him? Tamara

    Tamara Walkingstick, Ph.D. UA Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service Associate Professor-Forestry/Associate Director-AFRC 2301 So. University Little Rock, AR  72204 Phone: 501-671-2346 email: twalkingstick@uaex.edu

  2. I like the venomous snakes that have the courtesy to give a warning, like that one or our Puff Adder. Those, one can live with. The ones that lurk and attack, like our black mambas when they get big and arrogant enough, are something else – I hope you lack an equivalent.

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