The sound of insect love songs is filling the air in central and eastern Arkansas as Brood XXIII, one of the 13-year cycle of cicadas, emerges from the ground for its short, post-dirt life looking to make another brood that will emerge in 2028.

Cicada on a branch.
Looking for love. One of the millions of Brood XXIII cicadas that emerged earlier this month on its short mating life above ground.

4 thoughts on “Brood XXIII

  1. Your photo reminded me of a day when we had first moved to another state. I sat on my new front lawn, reading a book and enjoying the sunshine, when I noticed a small tumult in the grass alongside me. Lots of motion, then slowly, to my fascination, an insect emerged. I had never seen the like of it before, with its red eyes and irridescent turquoise body. The creature, looking like a peacock of a fly to me, dried out its wings and in a few minutes flew away.
    It was amazing, that little cicada. A wonder of nature!

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