Robin's nest with broken eggs.
UNHAPPY ENDING — Two broken eggs in a robin’s nest on the urban campus of UA-Little Rock.

Wish this story had a happy ending.

A glimpse of blue revealed by the tilt of a bird’s nest was eye-grabbing. Seeing that mom was not there, I raised the lens above my head and on tip-toe grabbed a photo.

However, once the photos were opened on a bigger screen, the real story became clear. These eggs had come to a bad end. They were cracked open on top and their precious payload dead. The top photo had been taken with a phone, and I returned the next day to get a better photo with a camera.

Nest with empty robin's egg shells.
BLUE – Robin’s egg shells emptied by insects.

The previous night’s violent thunderstorm had knocked the nest out of the tree. On the ground, still holding its wet and empty shells, the nest was now filled with scurrying pill bugs.

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