Been a while since we posted. We had a couple rounds of heavy winter weather and being trapped away from home for days at a time. Nice to be back home. Between bouts of wintry mix, the birds came out and did what birds do.

7 thoughts on “Birdland

  1. Macau, 5th March 2015
    Dear Sir / Madam,
    My name is Jose Silveirinha. I am an electrical engineer by profession, and a writer by vocation, married, 54 years old, with 3 children. I am Portuguese, I live in Macau China since 1983.
    My email address :
    My address :
    Alameda Dr Carlos D´Assumpçao, 258, Ed. Kin Heng Long, 12 floor, M, Macau
    Tel : (853) 28 700489
    Mobile : (853) 66686898
    I am kindly approaching you to ask for your help and inquire you how can I approach the heirs of Mrs. Dr. J.Kasem Sibunruang ( because I do not know their contacts) in order to request them authorization to the copyright for an electronic book publication in Portuguese of the book Thai Folk-Tales by Mrs. Dr. J.Kasem Sibunruang,
    I intend to launch my own books website soon in January 2015 with all my 11 books in ebook format, and wish to ask permission to publish the Thai Folk Tales in Portuguese, ebook format.
    There is a story behind this translation which I would like you to read, hope you have some time :
    On 1985 I bought a book in Bangkok, Thai Folk-Tales by Mrs. Dr. J.Kasem Sibunruang, which was published in English within the framework of the Institute of Asian Studies, at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University.
    I read it, and loved it so much that I translated it into Portuguese.
    On 1985, I went again to Bangkok, I tried to approach Mrs Sibunruang through the Institute of Asian Studies in order to receive authorization to publish the book in Portuguese.
    She was not available to meet me, but a gentleman whose name I forgot, from the Institute of the Asian Studies, kindly met me, helped me to contact her, and after few days, informed me that she would grant me the rights for a symbolic amount of 50 Bath.
    I do not remember if I paid it or not, but if I paid it, I do not find the receipt anyway. However, I did not publish the book until now because, meanwhile, I stopped my literary activity, and I even forgot and lost the Portuguese draft of the translation.
    On the last 4 years I restarted my literary work, I have been active with writing and editing my 11 books, none has been published yet, written along my life, since I was 15 years old, poetry, essays, philosophy, political thoughts, fiction, documentaries.
    2 Years ago I found the manuscript with that translation of Thai Folk Tales, by luck, in Portugal, and I together with a Portuguese text editor and a graphical designer have finished all the preparation work for its publication : typing into Word, reviewing, editing, and graphical preparation for publishing.
    I am deeply affectionate to Buddhism, and I am now translating also into Portuguese The Udana – The Word of Buddha, a translation from Pali to Spanish by Mrs Carmen Dragonetti.
    Your assistance on this matter is kindly appreciated.
    I attach a photo of a flower set up I made yesterday. All the flowers are collected from the floor, after they fall down from the trees, but before being collected by the garden cleaners and thrown to the garbage bin.
    Many thanks
    Best regards
    Jose Silveirinha

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