An after market telephoto lens with really terrible optics can still create intriguing images with its distortion. In these images, rain falling through 29-degree air is coating branches and pine needles with ice.
Branches with icicle stubs. Having fun with terrible aftermarket lens. Jan. 11, 2015.

Weekly photo challenge: Shadowed II

Shadows angle across a snow-dusted deck.

Shadows across snow dusted deck.

Even more “shadowed” we liked this week:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

This week’s photo challenge is shadowed. The shadows give a sense of depth to the cypress stand in an oxbow in eastern Arkansas. A drive-by shot taken along U.S. 70.

Cypress shadows

Other shadows we liked:


Dinner is late, blame the moon

While prepping dinner, I glanced out the kitchen window to see a big orange full moon floating off to the east, obscured by winter-bare branches.  This was the first clear night we’ve had in ages. Dinner could wait. Grabbed a couple of cameras and the truck keys (after having to run back inside to grab the memory cards that were still in the readers and briefly consider bringing a monopod) and flew west along the ridge to a higher, more tree-free vantage point.  Dinner was a few minutes late, but after savoring a sight like that, there were no complaints.


Summer flashback

After a mostly gray, soggy and cold week, it was nice to find reminders of summers past in the photo files.  Each year, we enjoy the aerial antics of the ruby-throated hummingbirds who spend the summer with us  following their  yearly migration from central America.  Their quickness of wing is always a challenge for the little pocket digital cameras, but that doesn’t keep us from trying to capture them in pixels.

Hummingbird at feeder.
Hummingbird goes in for refueling. Taken July 19, 2014.


Mountain wave

Arkansas is a landlocked state, but it doesn’t mean we don’t see mountainous waves on occasion. Back in July, this thick bank of fog rolled in from the west, breaking over a long fold ridge and spilling down its southern flank. The second shot is the wave just a moment or two earlier as it was cresting.

Mist over mountains 7-12 MistyValley1

Go with the flow

A squirrel preparing for a hard winter spent much of one gray September morning scurrying about grabbing, then burying nuts behind the office. Speaking of leaping and running, check out this Hertsfordshire man’s Squirrel Grand ‘Nutional’ vid to see if there’s a Sciuridae equivalent of the mighty Arkle.:


Squirrel leaping with nut.
Squirrel, nut in mouth, streaks toward a hiding place. Taken Sept. 19, 2014.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

What better theme to start the new year with, than “new?”

For years I’ve been wanting to make a custom-flavored gin.  Santa obliged this Christmas, and in cahoots with my husband, put a gin-making starter kit under the tree.  The infusion process began today with a juniper berry bath. Tomorrow, we’ll start experimenting with the botanicals to create something new. (And tasty. We hope.)

Juniper berries in a bottle.
Juniper berries taking a vodka bath.

(A little cardamom here, some black pepper there, a smidge of lavender or lime … the possibilities are endless.)

Other visions of new we liked: