The ghost of Alfred Hitchcock must’ve been passing through the morning of Dec. 6. The noise of this many birds swirling from tree to tree is hard to describe, and while it wasn’t deafening, it was somewhat unnerving. The birdstorm came and went in just a few minutes.

Thousands of birds in branches.
RISING — Almost as one, this raucous flock of thousands of birds lit in a row of trees, then lifted away.
Sky filled with birds.
SWEEPING THROUGH — Thousands of birds swirled around the house before heading west.

7 thoughts on “Birdstorm

  1. It’s an amazing thing to see–and one that I hope our grandchildren will still have the opportunity to enjoy some day.
    Once I was walking my dogs out in the wetlands and found a huge flock of Canada geese grazing there in the grass in little family bunches. I estimate about 1500 birds. The dogs grew bored with standing around counting and estimating, moved forward and startled the geese. The entire assemblage rose up with a great honking and beating of their huge wings, up and all around me. It was a magnificent moment, made even better by the fact that geese do not poop when in flight. I will never forget it.

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