This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge cue is “converge.” The top convergence was most unfortunate. The tree is 70 feet high – give or take a foot or two – so rescue of this remote-controlled plane is unlikely. The bottom shot shows the moon, Mars and Antares somewhat close to converging on a single line back in September.

RC plane in tree.
OUCH – Large remote-controlled plane hangs upside down in a pine tree.
Moon, Mars and Antares line up.
STELLAR/LUNAR — The moon, Mars and Antares line up back in September.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

    1. Kites in trees. Balloons lost to the sky or the rafters of some tall building … I guess they’re all a part of childhood! No telling how long that model plane had been stuck in that pine tree with no chance of rescue.

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