The bridge over War Eagle Creek opened to the hoof-clatter of horse-drawn vehicles. More than a century later, the wood and steel bones of this one-lane bridge shoulder the foot- and tire-treads of tourists and neighbors alike. It’s a performance that speaks to this week’s theme: “Endurance.”

Steel span bridge over a creek.
WAR EAGLE BRIDGE — Has been standing for more than a century in Northwest Arkansas. It spans War Eagle Creek, which still drives a paddle-wheel grain mill. (Taken July 27, 2014)
War Eagle Mill by the creek.
THE MILL — The mill at War Eagle as seen from the bridge. The mill wheel is obscured by a plywood wall. The old ways endure at the mill, which still uses stone disks to grind grain.

Still, Benton County, Arkansas, officials are scrounging around for the $300,000 it will need to strengthen the bridge. Last spring, inspectors found rusting pins in need of replacement.

Learn more about War Eagle Mill at

Other feats of endurance from this week’s challenge:




3 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: Endurance

  1. What a great piece of history! I’m glad the authorities are looking for the funds to restore and preserve the bridge; it represents so much more than just a steel structure…

    And thank you for sharing our entry with your friends here 😀

    1. You always have such exotic items in your post and I loved your take on endurance! 🙂

      The question of endurance really lies with the tree in the foreground of the bridge picture. The emerald ash borer has been confirmed in our state. It has killed tens of millions of ash trees across the U.S. and while this little beetle hasn’t been spotted in the area of the bridge, most forestry people think it’s just a matter of time. We hope that ash and millions of others in state will continue to endure.

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