Humans tend to see human qualities everywhere: in images, behavior, even the night sky. Anthropomorphization is one of those things that defines humanity.

Mud dauber wasp nest.
EMPTY — This unusual mud dauber nest was symmetrical, with holes at about the same level, giving it an eerie skull- or masklike appearance. It, along with three or four other wasp nests, was discovered under the bonnet of our truck.
Mud dauber nest.
Another view of the same image above, showing its “‘other eye.”

10 thoughts on “Ghosts and empty sockets

    1. Thanks! And what a way to find it — just washing the truck and checking under the bonnet to be sure everything was intact. And there it was — with its empty sockets just staring out from the engine bay. 🙂 Inspiration can hit anywhere, anytime!

      1. Sure ’nuff. And there were a few other nests in there too, but none with as interesting a shape as the one pictured. Did not see anything else living under there, which is good. The truck has also been home to bird nests in the wheel wells. It is its own ecosystem at times. 🙂

      2. The truck is seven, but has very few miles. It is used when we have to carry big, bulky things or haul the garbage to the collection point. It gets its heaviest use in the winter when we need four-wheel drive to get up and down our mountains in snow and ice. He’s a good babysitter for birds and bugs. I was actually checking for wood rats, which love to chew plastic and wire coatings.

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