Though both my husband and I lived in Texas at various points in our lives,  neither of us had spent much time in Fort Worth. This month, we both spent most of a week there, held captive brought there by a conference  at the Hotel Texas. The hotel, now a Hilton, is famous for being the last overnight stop for JFK and his wife before his assassination in Dallas.

During the lunch hour, we were able to stroll around the city’s downtown. Walking back to the hotel, we did a double take. Were those really trumpets hanging out over the street? Indeed they were! There were two 48-foot-tall angels carved into the facade  — marking in no uncertain terms, the location of the city’s Bass Performance Hall.

No doubt about it. Texans do things big.

Side view of the Bass Performance Hall.
Trumpets blaring – two angels flank the facade of the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas.

5 thoughts on “Angels we have seen on high

    1. So true! What was really surprising was that this building was so new. Much of Fort Worth’s downtown seems to have had its heyday in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This angelic facade was built in 1998!

  1. Great perspective. It looks old, but I see from your comment above that it’s not! Had me fooled!

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