5 thoughts on “All by myself

  1. The question is, how many tres did it take you to get this shot? I captured lightning once and it took me more than 350 attempts to get it right- and that was in the days of 35mm film LOL!

    1. I “cheated!” Don’t own a lightning sensor, so just kept the camera rolling on video and painstakingly isolated the frame on playback and screen-grabbed it. Wonder if using a remote release on a long exposure would’ve worked in film?

      1. Long exposure would have definitely added some character to the silhouette but I’m not sure it would have grabbed it in quite the same way that you got on video. It’s a great picture nonetheless, though now you have me thinking of trying the long exposure on lightning. The problem with that is, you would have to snap at the precise moment without a lightning sensor, and I’m not sure what those cost.

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