This big and beautiful polyphemus moth was fluttering around the parking lot at work on Friday. Of course I had to take his portrait. More detailed shots of this lovely fellow are below.

Big moth on parking lot stripe.
Big moth — This fellow measured nearly 6 inches from tip to tip.
Closeup of moth wing markings.
A tight shot of the beautiful markings on the moth’s wings.
Closeup of antennae.
A closeup of the polyphemus’ antennae, which looks like a skeletonized leaf.

16 thoughts on “Big and beautiful

    1. Thanks. It was a lucky shot. Just happened to be walking across the parking lot to another building and there he was. Ran back in for the camera and the rest is pixels! 🙂 Glad to see you back.

      1. Thanks! Good to be back and learning from all you great photographers. I never leave from perusing these blogs without coming away with a new idea or technique to use myself in the future. Nice to see you’re still clicking away! Have a great weekend.. or at least what’s left of it. 🙂

  1. We must have these here. I found a dead one in our driveway last week. It looked exactly like this guy. I felt so bad for him, and didn’t know what had happened. It was said, because he was just so beautiful!

      1. They do. And that’s exactly what I thought it was until I got closer. Thank you for the site link!

      2. Taking all these photos and blogging, one learns so much about the photo subjects. This has been a real education for me about all the wild things around us here. What a beautiful world!

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