“Containers” is the theme of this week’s WordPress photo challenge. Pondered on this for a few hours before realizing that containers can be broader than simply a can or a pot. Each droplet was a container of sort — each held a micro image of the world around it.

 Droplets in a spiderweb.
SUSPENDED – Droplets in a spiderweb.

Other containers we liked:





9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Containers

  1. Such delicatel detail in your shot; the upside-down reflections in the droplets look like the facets of a polished diamond!

    Thank you very much for sharing our entry with your friends.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by friends! They do look like little gems indeed. This was part of a funnel spider web that extended between the top of our BBQ grill and a stone corn meal grinder that lives outside on the grill.

    Sure liked your entry this week. Such exotic creatures just on the other side of the car windscreen!

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