Awwww. This wee, tiny striped bark scorpion was parked on the floor near the door to the deck. So cute, but you belong outside, Buster.

Just one of the many venomous wild things with whom we share the house and yard here in the Arkansas Ouachitas.

Tiny scorpion.
Where do you hide the noms?

7 thoughts on “Cute, but in a dangerous sort of way

  1. Eeeek! I had a small lizard living inside for quite a long time but I’d be jumping on top of a chair like a frightened elephant if I saw a scorpion. (And that’s my astrological sign, so maybe I’m afraid of myself.)

    1. Ha ha ha. Bugs, snakes and scorps I can deal with. They’re relatively slow moving. But the thing that makes me jump are mice! Not that i’m afraid of them, but have had them leap out of the most unexpected places. A few years back one leapt out of the garbage compactor when I opened the door to throw something in; and then at work, I opened that lap drawer (middle center of desk) to get a ruler and out popped a mouse. The little bugger must’ve been just as startled. He left a little puddle o’ pee in my desk. *SIGH*

      1. That’s pretty funny, actually. I had one rearranging the silverware drawer for a while. And thanks — I never thought of scorpions as slow. That’s quite comforting.

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