Shelf cloud/tail cloud
OMINOUS — We believe this was part of the supercell that would produce the tornado that hit Mayflower and Vilonia, Ark.

We had a rough night last night. The tornado that struck Mayflower and Vilonia formed within 5 miles of our house. Please keep the victims of last night’s storms in your prayers. They are needed.

8 thoughts on “Keep the storm victims in your prayers

  1. I worried about you, and another WordPress friend I have. I hope all of you can stay safe. The reports which showed how far the line of storms stretched was very frightening.

    1. It was. The storm cell that spawned the tornado traveled 80 miles. The sad part is that one of the towns, Vilonia, was hit hard about three years ago. Some folks had just rebuilt only to see their homes and businesses destroyed again last night. So so sad,

  2. This was incredibly sad and heartbreaking news. Those poor folks have been in our prayers. My friend who is a TV meteorologist has been keeping me updated.
    Just awful. Glad you all are safe.

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