Our first snake sighting — at least of one near the house — happened on Wednesday.  A little water snake warming himself on the concrete road  that runs near the neighborhood pond. We just missed running him over and stopped the car to get out and my husband moved him to a safer location. He wan’t terribly appreciative of the gesture and lunged at the air near my husband’s legs. (After getting home, we had to looked him up be sure he wasn’t a copperhead.)

The sighting was to the day we posted last year’s “Opening day for snake season. And two years to the day after posting “Snakes in the garden.” At least our neighborhood snakes seem to be consistent.


water snake coiling

7 thoughts on “Snake season 2014 is now open

  1. Yikes, I bet it’s coming early here, too, especially with our drought. Great photo of this guy.

    1. I’m not sure — these fellows are pretty clever. Perhaps they had deeper than usual burrows or sought out new warmer ones with southern exposure. Or maybe they just got back from Miami? 🙂

    1. This watersnake isn’t, but his coloration is very similar to one that is, the copperhead. However, even when we see copperheads, we move them off the road where possible (and without jeopardizing our own safety).

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