Winter vs. Spring. The fight is on! Round 1 goes to Spring. Images taken Feb. 27 in Little Rock.

Single daffodil bloom
SPRUNG — Patches of daffodils in the woods behind the office are showing signs that spring isn’t going to be bullied by Ol’ Man Winter.
Bloom on a tulip tree backlit by winter sun. BRIGHT – Bloom on a tulip tree backlit by winter sun.
Witch hazel.
BEWITCHED — Witchhazel blooms in the office garden.
Bunch of daffodils
SPRUNG II — Cluster of daffodils!


11 thoughts on “Winter vs Spring: Round 1

    1. Thanks! The sad thing is that winter came back hard Sunday and yesterday. I’ll be posting those a little later. So bad in eastern Arkansas, they’ve sent in the National Guard to help out people stuck on I-40 and I-55.

      1. Same here but not quite as bad. After temps in the low 70s for Sunday and Monday, they really dropped and we hit freezing.
        Yesterday at 8pm over 50% of the U.S. was at or below freezing. Very unusual for March 3.

    1. Sadly, we had a set back earlier this week with two inches of sleet atop a quarter inch of freezing rain, all topped with snow.

      However it’s in the 60s today, the snow has gone and even saw a butterfly today!

  1. Your cheery photos give me hope. Spring is coming . . . someday. It just rains and rains, and although there is some greenery popping up out of the black mud, we are a long way from flowers blooming.
    although on a drive to the coast last Sunday–still February!–we saw a fully flowering pink tree–an ornamental plum–the first one in the country to bloom maybe 🙂

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