Weekly Photo Challenge: One

This week’s challenge is “one.” So, we have two pictures of “ones.” A solitary Eastern bluebird stands watch on a branch. Below a single ladybird beetle finds its way across concrete.

Other “ones” we liked:

12-11 BlueBird2-crop



Ouachita falls

The same storm system that coated parts north with ice and snow left most of Arkansas with an abundance of rain. Ponds and lakes shrunken by up to three years of drought found themselves overflowing. The National Weather Service painted the state with flood and severe thunderstorm warnings and a couple of twisters were reported.

Here in the steep valleys of the eastern Ouachita Mountains water ran off fast, creating impromptu falls and rapids. (After spending about an hour in the rain shooting, little rivulets were falling off me too!)

Falls created by heavy rain.
Impromptu and temporary falls created by heavy rain.
Little rapids

Sunshine Award

We’d like to thank The Dancing Rider for the Sunshine Award nomination, and offer our apologies for not acknowledging this sooner.  It has been terribly busy again and unfortunately, blogging tends to get the short end of the time stick. (and that end is getting shorter every day).

As with many of these awards, there are rules.

1) Use the logo in the post.   Check.

2) Link to whoever nominated you.   Check.

3) Write 10 pieces of information about yourself. Check.

4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Check. 

  1. Enthusiasm for music!  http://mezzaphonicallyspeaking.wordpress.com/
  2. Dang, I wish I could shoot like that: http://phillanoue.com/
  3. Endless beauty in wildflowers: http://portraitsofwildflowers.wordpress.com/
  4. Inspiration in faith: http://biltrix.com
  5. Because of the wide spectrum of interests: http://squirrelbasket.wordpress.com/
  6. If you love being introduced to new artists: http://stephenkellycreative.wordpress.com/
  7. Love her photography: http://rutheh.com/
  8. Inspiring faith through iconography: http://reinkat.wordpress.com/
  9. Scenes from the South: http://humbledpie.wordpress.com/
  10. Photos with more below the surface: http://cardinalguzman.wordpress.com/

5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.  Check.

Ten trivia items about me:

  1. Like to write. 
  2. Love graphic design.
  3. Love to cook. (and eat)
  4. Spend too much time on the internet.
  5. Likes to take photos.
  6. Likes to paint and sculpt, though haven’t done that in a donkey’s age.
  7. Enjoy the visual and verbal inspiration that comes through visiting other blogs.
  8. Love music.
  9. Cannot help but look at the sky on clear nights.
  10. Maybe some day I’ll learn to play the piano.

Sometimes, it pays to look back

Advent is a time of looking forward — preparing one’s self for the feast of Christmas. However, after last night’s vigil Mass for the final Sunday of Advent, looking back paid off too.

For almost 24 hours, nature had soaked the state in a deluge that saw nearly 8 inches of rain fall in parts of the Arkansas Delta. The same system also spawned tornadoes in other parts of the state. When the heavy rain finally stopped, those leaving church were welcomed by a fiery orange sunset. En route to the parking lot,  paused on the steps to take a shot or two of the sunset with my iPhone (bottom photo). But something made me look back. And there over the church, the sky glowed with a luminous double rainbow.

The iPhone’s ‘pano’ setting sure  came in handy in trying to capture such a wide view. 
Fiery sunset
Fiery sunset with the old bell tower in silhouette. 

Great balls of … water?

(Apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis, of course.) Winter likes to make water do interesting things: create stalactites, delicate snowflakes and spheres of ice. Here, a couple of samples of what water can do.

(Catching that little drop of water falling from an icicle took many, many frames.)

sleet balls
CRYSTAL BALLS — Tiny spheres of sleet that accompanied a winter storm.
Sphere of water falls from a bank of icicles.
THE BIG DRIP — Sphere of water falls from a bank of icicles.

Posts from winters past:


Fall into winter

What a difference a few weeks can make. The top photo was taken the week before Thanksgiving. The bottom photo was taken around lunchtime today — the snow and sleet courtesy winter storm Cleon.

Fall landscape.
The Arkansas Ouachitas glow in the pink morning light of Nov. 11, 2013.
Except for a few ragged flags left in the black jack oaks, the same Ouachita ridge is stripped bare, nearly a monotone, thanks to a Dec. 6, 2013, winter storm.