Wandering about looking for something to shoot, these strange shapes in the mulch caught my eye. These fungi look like little hatted octopi. (or with a little stretch of the imagination,  bacteriophage-sh or even lunar LEM-ish).

Not completely sure, but these may be earthstar mushrooms. They have an outer layer that  pops open, curls under and can jack the fruiting body up, lifting it above the leaf litter.

Fungi are weirdly fascinating in so many ways. Check out this site to see some of this kingdom’s odder oddballs: http://ellerg.blogspot.com/2009/06/mind-blowing-mushrooms-10-unique.html

12-29-SquidShroom7aA 12-29-SquidShroom2A

11 thoughts on “Cephalopodshroom?

  1. I thought it WAS an octopus! But of course I knew it couldn’t be. What interesting fungi these are.

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