I’m not big on using Photoshop to “rescue” a bad photo, but sometimes it’s just fun to see what the program can do. Our office has been trying out the cloud version for a couple of months now. It’s a bit of a step up from CS3 on my desktop and Elements 5 on my barely-hanging-on-PC laptop. A couple of photos whose elements I thought translated nicely into the flat “cutout” filter — making them almost like prints, or even stained glass.


6 thoughts on “Phun with Photoshop philters

  1. They look very nice–and a little judicious cropping and the addition of text . . . print them out and you have a very nice couple of homemade greeting cards!

      1. Moon photos are a big favorite of mine, they miss depth and the only way to introduce it is showing the moon behind trees, about which I made a special post; I made photos of this sort a cpouple of days ago, I managed to catch the craters on the Moon!

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