What a difference a few weeks can make. The top photo was taken the week before Thanksgiving. The bottom photo was taken around lunchtime today — the snow and sleet courtesy winter storm Cleon.

Fall landscape.
The Arkansas Ouachitas glow in the pink morning light of Nov. 11, 2013.
Except for a few ragged flags left in the black jack oaks, the same Ouachita ridge is stripped bare, nearly a monotone, thanks to a Dec. 6, 2013, winter storm.

18 thoughts on “Fall into winter

  1. Wow, those fall colors. When we moved from L.A. 20 years ago to the Pacific Northwest, I thought I was finally seeing “fall color” here. But I stand corrected. We have so many fir trees, so still it is basically green . . . I need to visit Arkansas in late October or early November.
    I love the contrast of the 2 photos, too. Our area looked like the winter photo from today. We got about 8 inches, a lot for us. That is when the fir trees really look gorgeous, decorated with snow.

    1. I’ll bet all those firs smell wonderful! Had been seeing the reports of the snow storm up in Oregon. 8 inches is enough snow to cause a little chaos. I’ll bet you have some beautiful images out there will snow covered pines.

      1. It is completely beautiful out here. We are also having, this morning, the completely unusual circumstance of the sun being out after a snowfall. Usually it remains overcast, warms up, and rain washes it all away. But not this time! It is freezing cold out there, but a wonder to behold with the dazzling sunshine on snow.
        And sadly, I am frantically charging up my camera battery this morning, hoping that the beauty lasts long enough for me to get the camera operational and get out there!

  2. The camera was ready about an hour before dusk. It will be a long couple of days with Photoshop to see if any came out well. The light was bad, and I am still learning manual settings . . . but it was fun. Cold, but fun.
    It’s supposed to be -4 tonight. That’s a new record, and my personal coldest night ever. brrrr! At least there is no danger of the snow melting–I might get a second chance with the camera.

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