The leaves are long gone, but dozens of sweet juicy persimmons hang tantalizingly in the tree’s branches. Some raccoons will climb to get the lower hanging fruit. The rest will just wait for the wind to do the work for them.

Sweet autumn treats could be a windfall for some lucky raccoon. These are the same fruits that produce the “magic” seeds that are used in folkways winter predictions. 

2 thoughts on “Waiting for a windfall

  1. I love persimmons. I would be fighting the raccoons for them if I lived near a tree like that. They are a real luxury–selling for $1.50 apiece.

    1. That’s pricy! These are a little different than those beautiful Japanese perimmons. Their flesh is a little softer and they’re littler, but if you are patient, the trees are very generous. The tree in the photo is actually at our office near the parking lot and near a greenbelt. Raccoons, wood rats and the occasional coyote no doubt enjoy these sweet treats.

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