Little garden snails are common here on top of the mountain. This one was unusual in its size, about .75 inches in diameter, and the ridges along its spiral. Most of the shells we find are much smaller, smooth and transparent.

Vacant garden snail shell
Vacant garden snail shell.

18 thoughts on “Garden snail

  1. Groovy! I have never seen a snail shell with such a texture before – but other images online suggest it is indeed Triodopsis hopetonensis.
    I love the way you call it “vacant”, as if a new tenant might come along soon. Are there such things as hermit snails, like hermit crabs? Or perhaps that’s what slugs are, snails without a home…

    1. Ha! Love your description of slugs! If snails are caravaners, I guess slugs would be vagabonds? It does seem a shame there no hermit snails. Someone put a lot of energy into creating that little home — only to let it eventually dissolve back into the soil, or perhaps become some future fossil.

      Your “groovy” comment gave me a big smile! 🙂

      1. Well I did mean “groovy” literally! Although I do remember flower power…
        Your comment about a future fossil resonates with my thought that this snail shell looks a lot like certain ammonites. I think of snail shells being very smooth like a nautilus shell, not ridged (or grooved) like an ammonite.
        Best wishes 🙂

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