Mass isn’t a passive event. While the celebrant, cantor, musician and lector  (not to mention Eucharistic ministers and altar servers and ushers) seem to be doing all the work, they shouldn’t be.  Mass, as a community celebration, takes effort. It takes work. Even says so in the Greek roots of the word “liturgy.”  So this 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, (or any Sunday) ramp up your participation. Work at it. Sing, join in the prayers, find the meaning and enjoy the moments. (don’t let it be time wasted)*

(To whom It may concern: No copyright infringement meant here. We would credit you for this etymology infographic if we could find who created it!)

*(So what brought this up? The photos below were the result of being distracted during Mass last weekend. Returning to the pew after Communion, my eye was grabbed by the image of Christ with open arms and the stained glass window that provided the light for the statue. Knowing the light was not going to last long, I fidgeted and kept glancing toward the room where both the window and statue were, hoping the light would still be there after the last “Thanks be to God.” It was.)

Stained glass window.
Stained glass to lift the spirits.
Statue of Jesus with open arms.
Welcoming gesture.

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