Weekly photo challenge: Inside

This week’s challenge was an inside outside job.

Where to get inside the challenge:

And some nice takes on inside this week:

Fantastic funnel

For some reason, funnel web spiders are everywhere this year, spinning their funnels in window corners, siding slats and of course anywhere they can find in the woods.  The one pictured below was a foot high and maybe twice as wide. The weaver was no doubt safely ensconced at the bottom of the funnel’s throat. Another common web, made by bowl and doily spiders can be seen in every pine tree and are more prominent when beaded with morning dew.

Fantastic funnel web.
A huge funnel spider’s web measured about a foot high and larger across.
Funnel web, looking down the hole.
A look down the throat of the funnel.
Bowl and doily weaver's web.
Bowl and doily weaver’s web.

Round bales on a gray day

The day before Labor Day was stormy in western Arkansas and as we headed home from the northwest corner of the state, drove through some fierce cells.  The sky began brightening from the west as we sped along U.S. 64 east of Altus.  I liked the muted colors, change in sky color from left to right and impressionistic motion blur in the foreground in this shot.

Round hay bales in a pasture


Weekly Photo Challenge: An unusual POV II

This black-capped chickadee is seeing his breakfast from an unusual point of view — completely inverted.

Chickadee eating flower seeds

And a few other points of view:

And the main repository of unusual points of view this week:

Crystal Bridges

Since opening on 11/11/11, the Crystal Bridges museum has created quite a stir for its excellent collection and the beautiful design by architect Moshe Safdie. After coaching at a Labor Day weekend fencing tournament, we took a day to wend through the galleries. The highlight was standing face-to-face with a Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington.  We plan to go back when the temperatures are more conducive to wandering the many trails that wind through the museum grounds in its Ozark mountain setting and see what’s perhaps become its most famous piece, “Skyspace.”

Weekly photo challenge: An unusual POV

These visitors to the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, Ark., should be looking at the modern art collection that surrounds them, but have chosen an unusual point of view — staring out the window at the lake in middle of the museum.

At Crystal Bridges
At Crystal Bridges museum’s modern art gallery over the Labor Day weekend.

The chief source for unusual points of view:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/unusual/

And a few others: