Was out washing the car this afternoon and saw this common buckeye making the rounds in this sweet-scented wildflower growing next to the driveway. They were a welcome distraction — especially when, during the weekends, we become obsessed with getting done those things left undone during the work week. The hose and rags got put aside for a few glorious standing-still-moments in the sunshine.  Some days, you just need a butterfly.

In a few weeks, we should be seeing the monarch butterflies sweeping through on their southward migration.  We keep a couple of patches of goldenrods for these beautiful insects to light upon as they head south. The Blonde Gardener has a nice post about being a Monarch Watch Station and a couple of posts about the monarchs’ life cycle.  Maybe next year, we’ll try the watch station idea.

Buckeye butterfly on flowers.
Common Buckeye butterfly collecting nectar.
Buckeye butterfly on tiny white flowers.
Buckeye making the rounds. The tiny white flowers are dotted with other insects seeking nectar.

8 thoughts on “Some days, you just need a butterfly

  1. Gorgeous butterfly! Nothing “common” about it! We don’t have this particular variety in our neck of the woods, I don’t think. It is very beautiful!

    1. While we don’t have clouds of these butterflies coming by on a “good day,” We’ll have six or seven clustered around the goldenrods. Someday we would like to go to Mexico where millions of them end their migration. I’ve heard that the noise made by all those wings is unbelievable.

  2. So true, so true! Lovely photograph, beautiful butterfly against this background. The little white flowers are a nice detail!

  3. A lovely idea, ” some days you just need a butterfly”! We really do. I am curious about the monarch liking the golden rod. I didn’t know it was a food source for them.

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