This week’s challenge was an inside outside job.

Where to get inside the challenge:

And some nice takes on inside this week:

17 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Inside

  1. Please do not use my blog as a place that you post your pingbacks. I have strict rules on pingbacks. No Comments No Pingbacks.
    People tjink just because they post a ping back then thats ok, well its not. Posting a pingback without the common decency to leave a comment is rude and not welcomed.

    1. I do apologize. When I include people’s postings along with my own challenge posting, I do so because I found your posting interesting and wished to share it with my readers. I will gladly refrain from highlighting your work in future.

      1. Thank you, there is far to much of this pingsbacks without comments going on. If you find someones blog or posts within it, interesting tell them so without just dumping a pingback. You will find people more appreciative of the pingback with a comment then without, I have spoken many who do not like their blog used as an advertising space. Some people writing come easy, some spend a lot of time getting their blog just right so they would like some feed back. If someone stuck and advertising board outside your home advertising your neighbours house for sale, I guess you wouldnt like it.

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