Mist left by the previous evening’s rain made for a beautifully soft sunrise. One of the nice things about carpooling with my husband is that he drives and I can shoot.

Mist-softened sunrise, silhouetted trees.
Sun peers out from between the silhouettes of tree canopies and fence line.


11 thoughts on “Soft morning

    1. It was truly a lucky shot. I rarely ever ask my husband to stop or slow when I’m shooting (especially if there’s other traffic behind us), so having the digital shutter go off just at the right time to catch Ol’ Sol in that little space was extremely lucky!

    1. Thank you so much! I was so surprised when i downloaded the images from the camera. I was expecting another shot to be the top one of the session, but then saw this in Photoshop and felt so blessed. Happy Sunday!

      1. It’s a beauty! Isn’t it funny how something can look so superb in the viewfinder/LED display as a thumbnail, and another one not-so-impressive–only to have that reversed when you put them on the monitor!?

  1. Love this.
    Me and my husband are sharing a car and it’s these moments that make it awesome. Thanks for sharing this!

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