It was a long, hard week at work and when I got the invitation to join folks from another department in a little Friday afternoon folly involving Mentos and Diet Coke, naturally, I grabbed a camera.  An offbeat way to end the day — by blowing off some carbon dioxide.

Loading Mentos.
LOADING — Aly fitted a copper tube onto the top of the soda bottle. The tube had two holes drilled into it and a piece of paper, rolled up tightly like a lollipop stick, was threaded through the holes to serve as a trigger. Mentos were dropped into the pipe from the top and would come to rest on the rolled up paper. Pulling the paper out would drop the mints into the soda.
8-23 RunAway-2
A split second after Kristin pulls the trigger and beats a hasty retreat, the geyser surges upward.
Diet coke geyser.
Mentos + Diet Coke = instant geyser. (Stitched still from iPhone video courtesy Erica)

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