A former equestrienne*, it’s always a treat to hang around a horse show, even if it’s an outing disguised as work. Here are some shots from this year’s Arkansas state 4-H horse show. Temps hovered around 100 degrees and I left the show covered in horse, dog and dust, but supremely happy.

Chestnut horse trotting.
The horses kicked up a lot of dust and I loved the way it softened the background.
7-11 Waiting to Come In
Contestants waiting to enter the ring for their class. At more than 90 degrees, the jacket rule was waived, but nearly all the competitors in the hunter classes remained fully turned out.
What waited at the end of the class.

*Once a horse person, always a horse person, I’m afraid.

7 thoughts on “Horses, heat and happiness

  1. I am in total agreement with you about that “horse person” thing. It’s a fact!
    Never had one, never will, have loved them since I was a tiny tot.

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