Arkansas and the rest of the mid-South have gotten a belly full of fierce weather in the last two weeks.

Our prayers are with the families in Oklahoma and western Arkansas who lost loved ones in the wave of tornadoes and flooding.

Stormy sky
BOILING CLOUDS — A sign another round of storms wasn’t far off.
Three strikes of lighttning
THREE STRIKES — Composite of three frames showing three lightning strikes within one second. The trees in the foreground are about 50 feet from the house.

11 thoughts on “Stormy Saturday

  1. I was stuck in a Chicago airport during a part of the storms. It can be hard to remember that being stuck in the airport is not so bad when compared to being trapped in a basement during a tornado.

    1. There’s a different, but still palpable discomfort about being stuck in an airport. Those poor folks at Will Rogers airport in OKC all waiting it out in a basement — they got the worst of both worlds there.

  2. I have never seen anything like the sky in your photo–nor like the news reports from Oklahoma and surrounding areas. I pray for your safety as we appear to enter a period of very violent weather all over the midwest and east. And drought in the west.

    1. Thanks! Now that things have warmed up and dried out a bit, we hope we’ll be relatively quiet ’til fall. The skies certainly do offer a bit of drama visually and practically speaking. (duck n cover!)

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