A little yellow

A good day for all things yellow on the mountain today.

Life’s a blur

It’s often said that as you get older, life’s a blur. Now we have photographic evidence. [Just a little drive-by photo fun.]

Motion blurred cattle.
Cattle graze in a field below Crowley’s Ridge in eastern Arkansas just off U.S. 70.
Blurred concrete bridge.
Old-style concrete bridge as we speed along U.S. 70 in Monroe Co., Ark.
Row crop field.
Rows are sharp, but the rest of the image blurs as we roll past this field in Lonoke Co., Ark.

Weekly photo challenge: Pattern

This week’s challenge is “pattern.” Nature always provides her share.

More patterns can be found here:

And of course, the main challenge page:

Weekly photo challenge: From above 2

The larger of the two eastern coachwhip snakes to show themselves today had milky eye scales — a sign he’s getting ready to shed his skin. This fellow curled himself in a warm stone and dirt hollow in the hillside. Only noticed him when I heard the sound of his scales sliding against the stone after trimming some of the growth on the hill.

Someone else in the burrow apparently shed within the last 24 hours. Found a still-moist whole skin measuring more than 6 feet woven between the stalks of the pokeweed plants.

Eastern coachwhip curled up.
Eastern coachwhip curled up in a warm dirt and stone bowl below the deck.

Weekly challenge homepage: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/weekly-photo-challenge-from-above/comment-page-7/#comment-183222


Weekly photo challenge: From above

This week’s challenge features images taken from on high. Today’s warm, sunny day provided some good opportunities. One of our neighbor snakes came out of hiding, all 5.5 feet of him. The second was a bronze-colored frog who has only been heard before now revealed himself. The third was a group of red bugs clustered in the heart of a young goldenrod.

[Small celebration — this is our 600th post!]

And the challenge homepage: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/weekly-photo-challenge-from-above/

Really red

Mother Nature is  throwing reds into the increasingly green landscape here in the Arkansas Ouachita Mountains.