Sunburn, bratwurst and what sounded like very large, very angry bees all added up to Sunday of being smitten by the motor sports bug.  It was a blast watching drivers of all skill levels and cars of all wallet sizes careen around orange cones in the parking lot of War Memorial Stadium  trying to best their last timed lap.

There were daily drivers — sedans and station wagons with blue masking tape numbers on the side. There were other vehicles whose owners had invested in high-end engines, exhausts, spoilers, paint jobs and other modifications.  The atmosphere was very laid back, and if there were any drivers’ excuses, we were too far away to hear them.

The autocross was put on by the Sports Car Club of America’s Arkansas affiliate. Maybe some day we’ll get to see the race from inside the windshield.

composite shots of sports cars

3 thoughts on “Vroooom!

  1. Sounds like fun. Good thing I can’t get myself into a NASCAR car, or I’d be doing that, too! 😉

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